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Friday, April 3, 2020

Media statements

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Transperth escalator safety campaign launching in December

Transperth will launch an escalator safety campaign aimed at seniors at a number of train stations from December 3.

Trained staff will provide advice to older passengers about the safe use of escalators, and situations where it may be better to use station lifts instead.

Transperth spokesman David Hynes said 80 escalator-related safety incidents had been reported in the past 12 months, many of them involving seniors.

“While escalators can be a very useful way of travelling quickly between the train platform and concourse, they can also be dangerous for passengers with mobility issues, particularly elderly people,” he said.

Stations with higher numbers of senior passengers will be targeted, including Perth and Perth Underground, Murdoch, Elizabeth Quay, Joondalup, Stirling, Bull Creek, Whitfords, Rockingham and Subiaco stations.

“It’s an unfortunate fact of getting older that people become more at risk of falling in any situation, and the speed and close-quarters of escalator travel can increase that risk,” Mr Hynes said.

“Passengers travelling with mobility aids like walking sticks and heavy bags are more at risk of unbalancing on an escalator.

“Trips and falls can and do happen on our network and can be very serious, which is why we’ve launched this campaign.

“Leading up to Christmas, many seniors are out and about, so it’s easy to become overbalanced with shopping bags or even the grandkids.

“It’s up to all of us to make the best choices when we’re travelling on the Transperth network, and we hope a friendly reminder where stations lifts are available will help keep our senior passengers travelling with us safely for many years to come.”

Visit or our Escalator Safety page for more information.

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