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Timetable for announcing Perth-to-Mandurah railway costs

20 October 03

The costs for all the major packages on the Mandurah rail line will be finalised by the end of the year.

Planning and Infrastructure Minister Alannah MacTiernan said until then, there was no point in engaging in debate attempting to refute unfounded speculations.

"All the major tenders for the New MetroRail project, including the City Project, Narrows and Mt Henry Bridge and railway works from Perth to Mandurah, have now been received," Ms MacTiernan said.

"Tenders for these works are presently undergoing a rigorous process of evaluation and negotiation.

"The Government will not jeopardise the whole process and risk such important outcomes by entering into idle discussion about events that may never happen.

"Such speculation compromises the negotiation process and ultimately does nobody any favours."

However, Ms MacTiernan said she wanted to assure the Western Australian public that she was confident the Government had budgeted appropriately.

"We are advised by NewMetro Rail, who have now received all tender submissions, that we can be confident that the New MetroRail project will be delivered at - or very close to - the $1.419million budget," the Minister said.

"Also, it is important to stress that 35 per cent of the total $1.419billion budget has already been allocated to various elements of the project including the acquisition of 93 new rail cars."

The New MetroRail project consists of the Perth-to-Mandurah railway; the acquisition of the new rail cars, plus their maintenance for 15 years; a spur line from the Armadale line to Thornlie; and improvements and upgrades through Victoria Park, including a new station.

The breakdown of the New MetroRail budget, which is in 2006-07 dollars, is as follows:


    railcars and depots
    northern suburbs railway extension
    Perth to Thornlie
    Perth to Mandurah
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