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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Guildford Station Principal Shared Path Upgrade

Guildford Station Principal Shared Path Upgrade

The $760k Guildford Station principal shared path (PSP) upgrade will improve passengers’ experience by increasing safety and station access for cyclists and pedestrians.

Scope of works  

The upgrade will see the demolition of the existing PSP and the construction of a new PSP at a slightly different alignment, between Guildford Road Bridge and the Guildford Station level crossing.The new PSP will eliminate current sightline issues, offer a more direct route to the station, and improve safety and convenience by providing a wider, consistent surface for cyclists and pedestrians to travel on. The completed PSP will be fully compliant with current Disability and Discrimination Act standards.

In addition to the construction of the PSP, works will include:

  • An upgrade to lighting along the PSP route to ensure the area is fully lit
  • Construction of a pedestrian path connection between the Bridge St pedestrian path and new PSP
  • Upgrades to pram/kerb ramps on James St

The project aligns with the WA Government's commitment to better integrating public transport and cycling infrastructure.

Passenger and community impacts

During works the existing PSP route will be diverted to the opposite side of James St, as per the map below. This diversion will be clearly communicated to those affected, and traffic management will be in place to ensure safety and minimise disruption to road and PSP users.

Further passenger and community impacts will be clearly communicated once the project design is finalised and a schedule of works and methodology is confirmed.

Guildford Station PSP Upgrade - PSP diversion

Click for larger map

Approximate project timeline

  • Project tender released March 2017
  • Tender awarded late April 2017
  • Works begin May 2017
  • Works finish June 2017

More information

For more information, email, or call 13 62 13. You may also wish to register for project updates. 

Tender information is available on the Tenders WA website.

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