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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Escalator Replacement Program

Escalator Replacement Program

Seven escalators at Perth Underground and Elizabeth Quay stations will be replaced as part of a $14.6m escalator replacement program. Perth Underground will also have a new additional lift installed while Elizabeth Quay Station passengers will get a new replacement lift and two new additional escalators.

To minimise disruption to passengers, the majority of work will take place at night and will be staged so that only one escalator is replaced at a time, keeping access via stairs, remaining escalators and/or lifts. 

Perth Underground Station

• Replace four escalators between the concourse and platform levels.
• Realign stairs at the northern end of station.
• Install new lift. 

To remove the old escalators and install the new ones, the atrium skylight at the corner of Wellington and William streets will be removed and replaced with a temporary roof in May.  As a result, the escalator between Perth Underground and Wellington Street will be closed for approximately 18 months.  The stairs at this location will be intermittently closed, however the lift will remain available at all times.  If you'd like to avoid this area, you can use the underpass between Perth Underground and Perth Station.

To install a new lift at the northern end of the station, the stairs will be realigned.  As such, hoarding will be in place at both platform and concourse levels and the stairs will close from late May.

Elizabeth Quay Station

• Reconfigure stairwell.
• Install new lift.
• Decommission and remove existing lift.
• Install two additional escalators.
• Replace two existing escalators (these two will be removed and replaced at the same time).
• Replace existing escalator to Elizabeth Quay Bus Station.

Early works have started at Elizabeth Quay Station to alter the stairwell, allowing for a new lift to be installed.  As such, a 17m section of platform at the southern end of the station (Mandurah end) will reduce in width to 1.5m between the hoarding and the yellow line. 

This area will be a strictly 'no standing' zone and passengers using a mobility aid should avoid the following carriages if they plan to exit the train at Elizabeth Quay:

Mandurah Line passengers: should not board the second last carriage of a six-car train.

Joondalup Line passengers: should not board the second carriage of the train.

For passenger information please visit the Transperth website.  Should you require special assistance at the station, please call our Customer Service team on 1800 800 022 an hour before you intend to travel.

About the works

Replacing the escalators with purposely-designed heavy-duty transport escalators and installing new lifts will ensure a more reliable service for our passengers.  Both new lifts will meet the PTA’s revised lift specification to ensure improved reliability and availability, while the additional lift at Perth Underground will also provide an alternative means of accessing the platform and concourse levels.

The new escalators are bi-directional, to accommodate changing pedestrian flow and are also ‘slow-start’ for better energy efficiency.  This means that like the new escalators at Peth Station to the underpass, they slow down when nobody is on them and gently increase to normal operating speed when they detect people coming onto them.  They also have an additional lead-in step to provide improved safety.

Each escalator will take approximately four months to replace and the PTA will stage the works to minimise disruption. 

The full upgrade project is expected to be complete in late 2018.

In December 2016, the PTA completed a project to replace six lifts and 14 escalators at Joondalup, Whitfords, Warwick, Stirling, Glendalough and Perth stations.

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