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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Bassendean Turnout Replacement Program

Bassendean Turnout Replacement Program

As part of the PTA’s Turnout, Points and Crossing Upgrade program, three turnouts – which allow trains to switch between two tracks – will be replaced on the Midland Line.  

The turnouts, located just south of Bassendean Station near the Collier Road crossing, were installed between the 1970s and 1990s and are now due for replacement. The upgrade will provide reliable and fit-for-purpose track infrastructure which meet the PTA’s current standards.

Works will include improving the existing track structure throughout the area by installing a new capping layer (foundation under the tracks) as well as removing and replacing the existing turnouts.

Delivery of material onsite for this project will start in mid-June, with construction works taking place between June and December.  Two full-line closures are also scheduled to allow these works as follows:

  • July – from the evening of Friday 21 July until first service Monday 24 July; and
  • September – from the evening of Thursday 21 September until first service Tuesday 26 September.

These dates are subject to change.

Work will take place both during the day and at night over the above weekend line closures. All work will follow a noise management plan that has been approved by the local council. Residents close to the project area will be advised of night works in advance.

More information

For more information on this project please contact us at During all line closures, replacement buses will operate. For passenger information, please visit or call 13 62 13.


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