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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Aubin Grove Station

Aubin Grove Station

Mark Sunday, April 23 in the calendar – Aubin Grove Station will be open for use. In the lead-up to the opening day, work will be underway to install and test the final parts of the systems required to run the passenger rail network.

The first train departing Aubin Grove Station will leave at 10.56am stopping all stations to Perth.

Service information and timetables are now available, head over to the Transperth website to check them out.

When open, the communities around Aubin Grove Station can enjoy using the multi-modal station, which includes:

• Six bus feeder services into Cockburn and Aubin Grove stations
• Bicycle facilities for more than 80 bikes and connections to local paths
• Passenger amenities, including toilets, lifts, stairs and escalators
• Kiosk and ATM in the western building

For more information on the station and its features read the latest Project Update, or visit the Transperth website.

The $125million project also included acquiring two three-railcar trains and widening Russell Road, which was completed in December 2016.

More information

Visit the Transperth website, view the latest Aubin Grove Project Update, email, or call 13 62 13

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