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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Level crossing lighting upgrade

Level crossing lighting upgrade

As part of the PTA’s Crossing Improvement Program, lighting at 34 pedestrian level crossings along the Armadale, Midland and Fremantle lines were upgraded throughout 2015.

The upgraded 34 level crossings are:

 Armadale Line

 Midland Line   Fremantle Line 

 Albany Highway
 Armadale Road
 Austin Avenue
 Beckenham Street
 Dalziell Street
 Crawford Street
 Deernees Way
 Denny Avenue
 Dorothy Street
 Forrest Road
 Fremantle Road
 Mint Street
 Oats Street
 Ottaway Street
 Solent Road
 Verna Street
 Westfield Road
 Wharf Street
 Welshpool Road

 Harper Street
 Waylen Street
 East Street
 Great Eastern Highway
 Collier Road
 Caledonian Avenue
 Phillimore Street
 Ocean Road
 Rose Street
 Grey Street
 Arundel Street
 Victoria Street
 Napier Street
 Marine Access Road
 Marine Terrace

More information

For more information call 13 62 13 or email

The PTA runs a number of community safety programs to promote safe behaviour on and around the network, particularly at level crossings. The Trains Move Faster Than You is one of these programs aimed at teaching people about the faster and silent nature of Perth's urban rail network.

More information can be found on the Right Track website.

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