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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Fremantle Rail Bridge

Freo rail bridge
Sleeper replacement

A $4.4 million project to remove and replace more than 1000 rail sleepers, technically referred to as transoms, on the Fremantle Rail Bridge has been completed.

From January 17, 2015 scaffolding around the bridge, which allowed work to be safely completed, was removed. For approximately four weeks, a temporary scaffold was in place to reduce the clearance under the bridge up to 1.2m from 8.1m to 6.9m.

The removal took place during normal construction hours to remove a maximum span of 2.5m at a time.

Early Collision Warning System

To better monitor Fremantle Rail Bridge movement and potential impacts, a series of movement and laser sensors were installed at various locations on the bridge.

Pier Strengthening

Main Roads WA, on behalf of the PTA, completed pier strengthening works at the Fremantle rail bridge in June 2016.

Visit the Main Roads WA website for more information about the pier strengthening works.

More information

For more information call 13 62 13 or email

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