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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Claisebrook Stow Road

Claisebrook Stow Roads

The Claisebrook Stow Road project is in the final stages of completion, with landscaping and fencing to be finalised by the end of October.

We would like to thank you for your patience during these works.

About the project
Claisebrook Depot is an essential part of metropolitan train operations and all the activities undertaken in the depot are necessary to provide a reliable and safe train service.

The additional stow roads between Stokes Way and the Graham Farmer Freeway at Claisebrook Depot are to accommodate the new trains regularly arriving onto the network. The project work included:

  • Five new rail lines (150-180metres in length) to replace two existing lines
  • New rail, sleepers, ballast and earthworks throughout
  • New drainage
  • New overhead traction power cables
  • New lighting system
  • New noise wall for residents
  • Landscaping

With the construction works completed, if you have any queries regarding the depot’s operations, please direct them to our customer service team via 13 62 13.

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