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Monday, January 22, 2018

Cycling and walking

We support cycling and walking as a convenient, healthy, low-cost and environmentally-friendly transport alternative for getting where you need to go

Cycling and walking

Meeting community demands and providing alternative access to train and bus stations – as part of an integrated transport system - are a priority for the PTA and the wider Transport Portfolio.

Every station and car park infrastructure project considers and adds more cycling infrastructure to our network.

There are more than 2,500 spaces for bikes at Transperth stations including shelters, U-rails and lockers.

Cycling and walking infrastructure

Bike shelters

To meet the growing demand for bike parking facilities at our stations, we’re continuing to increase the amount of bike parking available for passengers.

In 2015, we completed a $2m upgrade to increase the amount of bike parking available and improve security at existing bike shelters.

In 2016, various shelters across our high bike patronage stations will be upgraded to increase parking capacity.


Lock 'n' Ride system

A convenient, electronic Lock ‘n’ Ride secure bike-parking system was introduced in 2011 which requires users to register their SmartRider to access the shelter.

For information on registering to use a bike shelter, visit the Transperth website.


Bike lockers

A limited number of bike lockers are available at some stations. Visit the Transperth website for more information.


Principal Shared Paths

The PTA, in conjunction with Main Roads WA and local councils, has installed kilometres of principal-shared paths across the network on the approaches to and through station precincts.

The PTA will continue to work closely with the Department of Transport, local councils and other relevant authorities to ensure suitable cycling and walking connections to our train stations.


Visit the Transperth website for information on travelling with bicycles on public transport.

Further information on cycling and walking strategies and services in WA can be found on the Department of Transport website.

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