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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Mends Street Jetty Passenger Shelter Installation

Mends Street Jetty Passenger Shelter Installation

To provide ferry passengers with protection from the weather and to make purchasing a ticket even easier, the Public Transport Authority has installed two new shelters on the Mends Street Jetty. A CCTV camera will also be installed for security coverage of the jetty, shelters and ferry

The passenger shelter will seat around 14 people and the ticketing shelter will have two cash ticket machines and one change machine. Temporary fencing will be erected whilst works to install the ticketing machines are underway. Once these are up and running in mid-April 2017, the current machines will be removed.

The shelters were made off-site in one piece, barged down the river from Fremantle and lifted into position using a crane. You can check out a time-lapse of the shelter installation in the video below.


More information

For more information about the project, please email You can also stay up to date with the project by registering for Project Updates.

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